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hard money, sub-prime rate loans
Hard money / sub-prime loans are needed when a borrower and/or a property fall outside the underwriting guidelines of conventional sources such as banks, life insurance companies, and conduits. The most common uses of hard money is for business purposes, when time is of the essence and when the borrower or the asset do not fall within the often stringent loan criteria for banks. Hard money lending is always collateralized by real estate, with the decision to make a loan based primarily upon the protective equity in the property and to a lesser extent, the borrower's credit history.
subprime bridge loans
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Some of the instances where such financing is helpful:

As a bridge loan for real estate purchases - a short term financing solution for any number of reasons, either to avoid a problem or take advantage of an opportunity.
As a means by the current owner of a property to save it from foreclosure.
As a way to finance business acquisitions/mergers
As a way to accomplish business turnaround strategies, because the borrower often does not meet bank financing criteria
It is an expedient option for the restructuring of debt or to avoid corporate or personal bankruptcy.
When instant cash flow is required, and bank loans would take too long or the borrower does not meet bank lending criteria, hard money may be used to meet environmental protection agency mandates, taxes, fines and/or levies.

Due to the increased risk of working with more relaxed or flexible criteria than banks, hard money loans have shorter terms and higher rates. Such financing should always be looked at as short term bridge loan to tide over the difficult circumstances until the situation can be stabilized. Thereafter long term permanent financing is structured.

We will review your request immediately and make a determination about funding your project and the costs involved without delay. There is no obligation to call and discuss.

If you are interested in learning more, please Click Here and complete the following contact information sheet. A representative will contact you shortly. If you wish to contact us directly call our corporate offices at 888–546-3446.
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